Saturday, July 3, 2010

Weeknight fun!

Our Friends Megan and Brian had family come into town this week! (Megan's sisters!) We had fun out and about with them. 

Shannon, Jamie, and Megan in front of Smashburger.

Megan enjoying the chairs at Deseret Book.

Let's get ice cream! Jimmy got a little......1.97 lbs of ice cream! The people who worked there want to start a wall of fame-just for him. And yes, he finished it all by himself!

Meggan loves ice cream too! 

Playing Qwelf. Megan and to stuff as many different objects as she could in her clothes before the timer ran out. 

Brian got to wear lipstick.(he loved it!)

What better way to end the night then midnight water balloons and a silly string fight. 

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