Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rodeo Time!

Last night we went to The Strawberry Days Rodeo! It was so much fun! But hard to take pictures of so...I took pics of the people there! 

Katie Kelly 

JoAnn and Dad

Paul and Rachel (Brother and Sister in law, JoAnn's son)


2 of their 4 girls 


Faye Faye

Their son Dax with Grandpa Jim

Ohh look! Barrel racing! 

Chantel and Michael!


  1. We have yet to go to the rodeo in all the years we have lived here. Maybe one year we will be in town for it!

  2. Wow, Paul and Dad sure look friendly in that last picture. Also, London and Faye are so beautiful. And finally- I'm so sad I missed this! I love the rodeo.

  3. Bahaha! Love the last picture. Great job capturing the rodeo. I haven't uploaded my pics yet, if I have any that look good I'll send them to you :-)