Sunday, March 8, 2009

treats, sweets, fun, and silly

Sorry it has been so long.....I have been sick. Any new fun updates? not really. I lost the diamond out of my wedding ring. :( I am busy getting ready for the re-grand opening party of my work. I am making Nichole and Dirks wedding invitations and favors. I'm keeping busy! Ohh and I am desperate to move....our lease is up at the end of April and I can not wait!! Here are some pics.

 I made carmel rice krispy treats. Kraft has new carmel and vanilla marshmellow out that are so good! I also added carmel bits. Yum!~

I love this pic. I made blueberry lime mini cupcakes. 

Jimmy and Megan playing games. I love the pic of Jimmy. Megan looks comfy in her snuggy. Do you like our olives?

Kenny! I caught him cleaning the fireplace....what a nice guy!


  1. Ya for you making our invites and favors!!! I love you! I wanna make the rice krispies now! SO YUMMY! Megan looks great in her snuggy!

  2. Hope you are feeling better! I can't wait to see the new wings at work. Have you decided to move or are you staying? Decisions. Decisions.

  3. Oh my gosh....caramel Rice Krispies treats?!? YUM!