Monday, February 16, 2009


What a busy couple of weeks! Jimmy and I were both sick, Jimmy went to Canada, Our sweet Guinea Pig Geoffry died, :( and my phone got stolen! 

But, there were some good things  too. Valentines day! I made cupcakes for our resident party, and Megan Metz and Robyn did a beautiful couples brunch. Jimmy gave me a beautiful set of earings to match the necklace he got me for Christmas. (I'll take a pic of it) 

Hope everyone is well. We are busy working and looking for a new place to live. (still in Utah. ) 

                                                    Meggan enjoying the fondue I made.


  1. Your so silly sister!! I miss you!!! Move home, not to a new place in Utah! Lol! I cant wait to see you in May!! Come play wedding with me! LOVE YOU

  2. I'm missing your yummy treats! Ashlyn is sad about Geoffrey. She was hoping to be the surrogate parent.