Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Birthday! (I'm old)

I had the most wonderful lovely birthday! Work was so much fun! The girls at work gave mean awesome party with treats and friends and even a homemade sign! They also got me the coolest thing. A ZOKU. (read about it and watch the video, you will be amazed)

They thought it was just a Popsicle maker, but it is so much more! We have been loving it.


I had some sweet visitors also. JoAnn, Rachel, Pearl, and Lovely came for a visit and brought this! 

My sister knew that my new favorite thing to make is Whoopies and got me a book and a cool whoopie pan! (In dishwasher)

Jimmy got me flowers and took me to dinner. 

I also received many cool gift cards, candles, baking pans, post its, and my parents sent me an ice cream maker!  I will have to take a picture of me cooking/shopping/lighting candles/ice cream eating! Thank you everyone for this great day!


  1. I'm glad you had such a good birthday! I love you Annie, you're so awesome.

  2. ps. I love the Halloween look :-)

  3. pps. I'm excited to try the other Popsicles, and you are not old. :)