Friday, August 27, 2010

What I am doing vs. what I should be doing.......

Jimmy is in OHIO! He was invited by (insert big math important thingy here) with his research partner Clint to poster their research at Ohio State University for their (bug math thingy again) event. I am so proud of him! 

I should be cleaning. My sister is coming on Tuesday and I told Jimmy that the house, (minus his office-can't touch it-I'll get in trouble.) would be clean! 

Instead I am painting the inside of mason jars. Why? Cause it looks cool. oh well. There is always tomorrow. 


  1. There is always tomorrow! It's true. And, he can help clean the house after his big math thingy is done :-)

    Those do look cool! What will you do with them? I vote you decorate your office

  2. What did you paint them with?

  3. Good Idea Chantel! I did not think to put them there but I am now! And I painted them with regular craft paint like from Michaels. I poured some inside the jars and spun them around. Super fun!

  4. Less than 1 Day and i will see you! I AM SUPER EXCITED! YAYAYA!!!