Saturday, April 3, 2010

Frederik Meijer Gardens

While in MI my family was able to go to the Frederik Meijer Gardens. It was during the Butterflies are blooming where they have 6,000 tropical butterflies flying around you in a giant greenhouse. 

A Butterfly on Sara! One landed in Cholie's hair too! 

Kenzee wanted one to land on her sooooo bad! But she would freak out anytime one got close. 

Pretty Glass in the lobby.

The kids called this statue Mad Mom. (HA!)

Pretending to be birds.

The bird on the left in unhappy. :( 

Quick! Hide behind your favorite fake tree!

Kids rolling (kind of) down the hill. Logan scooted on his front and Mackenzee only could go sideways. 

My dad is in the blue. But look at the poor man being stepped on! 


  1. How fun! I want to go there sometime! Did a butterfly land on you Annie?

  2. Also, did you save that poor man being trampled to death?!

  3. No butterfly on me. And the man....crushed to death. Bummer.

  4. My Junior prom was at Frederick Meijer Gardens! Soooo pretty.