Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day! I'm MAD!

I like to make treats. I bring them to work, I give them to my neighbors. Tonight I made these cute cupcakes! 

We have a party at work tomorrow and I wanted to bring some there. I also had some to give to the neighbors. 1/2 hour after dropping them off I went down to the parking garage. On the way down I noticed some people's cupcakes were missing that I put on the door steps. I drop off 4 now there are only 2. I come back up and then the whole plate is gone! The only people in the hall-my noisy college guy neighbors. I go inside our Condo and I am MAD! I tell Jimmy. He tried to go talk to them but no one was home. I talked to the other neighbor who was missing all of her cupcakes and sure enough she did not get them. 

If you see something that does not belong to you-Don't take it!!!!!1 Ggggrrrrrrrrr................

I want to make them cupcakes with laxatives. 


  1. Oh no!! That stinks. But it was very nice of you!

  2. Oh, I'm so sorry! That is so sad. However, you are awesome for making them.

    I'm sure they were home, just pretending so they wouldn't get yelled at. If I were you, I would make those laxative cupcakes, and put them outside your own door, that way you don't risk one of your nice neighbors accidentally eating them...

    Ugh, I never like it when people steal.

  3. Do it! That stink that they would do that :( but I am totally loving the idea of 'special' cupcakes... Please do it!

  4. DO IT ANNIE. Make them laxative cupcakes and leave them on their doorstep.