Saturday, February 6, 2010

Stanky Legg

Jimmy got a new CD for his birthday. (yeah a CD! They still make them.) It was from his lovely sister Helena. Here he is doing the dance. It's not the official dance which we have yet to see, bu I'm sure it is close. 

If you don't see the video click on Stanky Legg and it will pop up


  1. OMG Jimmy! That was super um... interesting!!! Next we need to see a video of Annie doing the Stanky Legg Dance!

  2. That music is even better than I imagined it to be! I'm glad he likes it so much.

  3. better than you imagines? I thought it was your favorite song Helena!

    Nice dancing! I was hoping you'd post about the CD on your blog, that way I could know his reaction. Perfect.