Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Hobby

I have a new hobby! Saving money! I know weird hobby, but is kind of addicting. 

About three weeks ago I found a blog to get a trial offer in the mail. I filled out the info then kept reading the blog. So many tips about coupons, where to get them, how to use them, etc. And I got hooked. Here is my three week example on two kinds of items.

1st one: Beauty and cleaning:

Included in the pic:

2 cans of oust

2 bottles febreeze

3 renusit air freshener

4 glade candles

3 bottles olay body wash

3 olay trial lotions

1 suave shampoo

1 venus razor

1 electro sol tabs

23 cardgames

8 bottles of purex laundry detergent

8 bars dove men soap

1big dove me soap

3 trial men dove soap

4 boxes Excedrin

2 dove deodorant

1 suave deodorant

1 ibuprofen

6 trial right guard deodorant

3 old spice trial

3 day quil trial

2 shave gel

1 tide trial

1 reach floss

Total cost for everything:  $ 273.52

After sales-rebates-coupons-gift cards-and store cards

I paid: $52.31!


2nd deal:

2 boxes cheese nips, 3 goldfish crackers, 3 special k bars, and two nurtigrain boxes:



  1. Okay Annie! I am totally convinced you are amazing at everything! How did you do this!? (I Mean I read the how you did it part lol but im looking for details) Are you willing to give away your secret? If so I would be willing to participate in your class i think you should teach! lol Okay! Miss you and everyone! Hope all is well! xoxo :) -Kylee

  2. Dang. So, uh, would you like to do my shopping too?

  3. Holy cow. I want to know all your secrets. Or you could do my shopping once you finish Helenas :-) What was the blog that you found? I want to read it and learn new ways to save money.That's a hobby I would love to be good at. You're awesome.

  4. The blogs are on my side bar and they are great! Kylee I'll email you!
    Totally Target
    Utah Deal Diva etc...

  5. Woot! Great job ANNIE! I remember doing a similar blog post to this on my personal blog a more than a year ago. Pretty sure I called it my new hobby too. It is fun huh! Glad we could help!


  6. Holy crap Annie! Thanks for giving me you 'reject' coupons last Sunday, I might be getting hooked to this :)