Monday, February 8, 2010

Behind the Curtain

It is raining. This man and his bacon are safe.  

There is no room for me, so I protect myself from the rain with this cow.


Notice the 1st picture. Lighting comes and cooks the bacon! And then in-cooks my cow. Dead. 

We grab our pitchforks and eat him. 

Breaking news!!! 4 people killed by poison cow! 

The bacon man is happy for his new camouflage. Also, it made him pee green and grow baby chickens out of humans. 


  1. Oh sister, you are NUTS!!!!! What do people think when they go into your bathroom and see this.. LOL :) Love you, miss you!

  2. Your shower is so much more exciting than mine.

  3. I'm telling you I need to buy those crayons! What exciting stories. I can't wait to read what happens next!