Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pirate Fun!

Jimmy turned 26 today! And in honor of his birthday he got to take a test! But, he also got some cool presents and we went to Pirate Island Pizza! 

First you must have pirate cupcakes

Next: Must open lego before school from mom and dad to feel happy all day! 

Brian and Megan at party

Amber and Dave 

Uncle Ron

Dad and JoAnn

Jimmy's math research partner Clint ( I love JoAnn in the background)

these two are nasty smurf eating pirates Michael and Chantel.

We missed Helena, Kurt and David :( 


Giant Pizza!!

Pirates singing


  1. BOTH OF THOSE PICTURES OF JOANN!! haha, I love them!

    this looks like so much fun.

    ps. I'm so jealous- what better way to celebrate than taking a test? And knowing Jimmy, he probably stayed up all night studying for it, too.

  2. I loved it! It was so much fun. Thank you again for inviting us. We've been wanting to go to that place, but just haven't had a reason that we could justify sending money for.

    The cupcakes were delicious! As was the giant pizza. And the smurfs. :-)