Saturday, October 10, 2009

A great week!

What a great week! 1st my birthday! At work I was showered with love! My boss and friend Meggan gave me a gift card to Ikea, great soaps, a fall candle, and balloons! Could she know me any better? And my other wonderful friends, Kenzie, Leann, Megan, Paige, Miranda, Kevin, etc..gave me a gift card to william sonoma, beautiful flowers, and a cake that matched my shirt!

My sister and Dirk gave a a great sweatshirt I wear all of the time, cute paper, stickers, and napkins! Love it! Eric, Sara, Kezee and Logan gave me a strawberry bouquet. Paul and Rachel gave me a wonderful Bag of pink goodies!  

Jimmy took me to color me mine where he made a math bowl and I made a pie plate! He also preordered me a copy of the Pioneer Woman cookbook! A great day!


This week I also went to Park City and Bridal Veil Falls. So Pretty! 

The Olympic Ski  Jump in Park City.

And 1 more spot! Gardner Village! It is a cute little place with little shops and restaurants! And for fall, it is Whichapalooza! Look at all the witchy things!  


  1. :( I made a comment and it disappeared! Looks like you had a good birthday! Dirk and I wish we could have been there in person! Miss you and love you!

  2. Aww you have so many people that love you. Looks like a very fun birthday! That cake is so cute! Happy birthday Annie.

  3. I miss you! I hope your birthday was as great as it looks. Happy Fall!

  4. Love the shirt matching cake. And those witches were scary. Also, I want chocolate covered strawberries now. LOVE YOU