Sunday, August 9, 2009


So, another fun weekend! 1st, Chantel's bridal shower! It was tons of fun with tons of people here! 

Helena and Chantel making lingerie for the game pin the lingerie on the bride. Megan was so close!!

Chantel modeling her cooking apron.

Romy adding to her magazine dress.

The finished project!

Tonight we played quelf again....So much fun! Kurt was such a great sport! Here he is holding hands with Brian.

The Brian had to pretend he was santa and have people sit on his lap and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. Jimmy had the most fun!

Jimmy asked santa if his beard was really and if he could tug on it.

Finally, my quelf song....


  1. I made a comment and it disappeared :( Sad! I love the song, its lovely! You have to bring Quelf when you come home for Christmas! Best game ever!

  2. I love you! You are so much fun. I'm really quite jealous of all this fun you have. One day I'll be as wonderful as you.

  3. Y'all have the funnest parties!!!!