Monday, August 24, 2009

2 wedding weekend!

It ws a two wedding weekend! Fist, Chantel and Michael. It was beautiful! So beautiful I forgot my camera. I'm sorry guys! But here is their website, you can see their engagment pictures and just anticipate to see the real deal!

2nd Wedding, Dad and JoAnn. It was so pretty, I took tons of pics of the place, (It looked like a place my mom would love) and some of people. Here you go! 

Paul singing a song to his mom, what a great son!

The Happy Couple!

Awww. Romy and Luke


  1. I posted a comment but it got deleted!(are you deleting my comments? Do you find them too boring...?)Well nice job with the pictures and I really enjoy reading your blog, keep the new posts coming!

    (Hopefully this comment was not too boring for you...) :)

  2. Such a pretty reception place! You take good pictures and write good blogs!