Monday, July 6, 2009

Many things that don't go together

Pictures with comments. Enjoy.

Helena at her bridal shower. She had to make a cake with no recipe, or measuring cups. It was......interesting...

The toilet paper game with Joann and Grandma K. Love it! 

Cupcakes I made for her shower.

We took a trip to the manti temple. It was beautiful!

red white and blue cupcakes and a philo white chocolate fruit tart.

Joanna (megan's little sister) playing mario cart.

Shannon, Jamie, Joanna, and Jimmy getting ready for the fireworks.

Megan and Brian.

Joanna's birthday explosion at the Mayan.


  1. So FuN! I miss you! Looks like you are having tons of fun! Love you

  2. Wow, your life looks like a lot of fun!!!