Sunday, March 29, 2009


For Christmas we got a great game from my family named Quelf. You go around a board, and do what is on the card. Simple right? Here are some of the things we had to do last night. Megan had to eat pickels topped with chocolate chips for getting an answer wrong. Everytime Brian wanted to ask a question, he had to put his thumb on his forhead and wink. I had to have Megan guess the word Apple. All I could say to her was "Chicken's are on fire." She did not get it. (Surprise, Surprise.) And finally, I had to put a bowl on my head and hit it with a wooden spoon saying "hEY bOBBY! LET ME IN! It's the most fun you can have without getting drunk. I'm sure of it. 


  1. I love that game!!! Wakka Wakka Wakka!!!! Love you!

  2. That is the best game. Jim and I have it as well. It cracks me up every time we play it